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Like to make everyday life a little easier? Home appliances help consumers complete tasks, such as washing, cooking, and cleaning faster and more efficient so one can complete chores easy and enjoy the day. Products are classified into large and small appliances. Large products accomplish tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and food preservation. They are named large, because they are large and generally, at least to some extent, fixed in place. The most well known machines are refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, and dishwashers. One will find almost all of these appliances in the kitchen except for the washing machine and dryer. These devices either run on electricity or natural gas and over the last few years they have become more and more energy efficient. Small appliances are generally found in the kitchen and are portable devices, mainly used on table or counter-tops. Examples of these goods include microwaves, coffee makers, blenders, and toasters. They are mostly used to assist in making food or drinks for family and friends. Devices are electrically powered and are connected to an outlet with a cord. Another product that is used for cleaning that is considered under this category are vacuums. These are also electrically powered by a long cord, or a rechargable battery. Products can be used by owners pushing them around or alternatively robotic models now also exist where one just has to push a button and it will go out and make the rounds around the house by itself. Appliances help consumers everyday in different situations and make life easier. One can spend more time with their kids or just save time in general while products help us make coffee or wash clothes and dirty dishes.