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“One company taking advantage of the shift in consumers’ attention from print to screen is Retale, a mobile app that lets you browse store circulars from your smartphone. Today, the company is announcing an additional $12 million in new funding for its business, which now reaches 3.5 million mobile users here in the U.S.”

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“Christian Gaiser, chief executive of Retale, said his company found a path to using a watch app to complement its smartphone app. Retale’s iPhone app displays weekly deals for retailers like Walmart and Target.”

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“There has been a plethora of research that shows mobile devices are being used more and more by the U.S. consumer. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we communicate and have fun and, most important for business owners, how consumers shop when online and in-store.”

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“You aren’t just a shopper these days, you’re a digitally empowered customer and the Apple Watch is going to revolutionize retail while also helping boost “a revival” of traditional offline stores, Retale CEO, Christian Gaiser told me.”