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Sporting goods stores sell athletic and recreational items, namely products and services for all athletic needs, from beginners all the way to sport enthusiasts.  The sporting goods industry is well-established throughout the United States and large companies are starting to build up national chains, which is making it harder for smaller companies to get a piece of the market.  This is a good industry because it is steadily rising.  In 2012 the sporting goods industry had an overall growth of .9% and a revenue of $84 billion.  In the United States there are approximately 36,929 sporting good stores nationwide.  The five largest sporting good retailers are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Big 5, The Sports Authority, Hibbett Sports, and Sports Chalet.  Inside these stores, as well as other smaller stores, consumers find a wide range of sports-related products.  These products include outdoor sports gear, boxing, snow gear, action sports equipment, all ball sports, fitness, cycling, running, bodybuilding, swimming, golf, riding, racquet sports, and much more.  

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Over the last few years the sporting goods industry has reached out into other markets, such as fashion, to reach a wider market of consumers. Examples of fashion in sporting goods stores include jerseys, so consumers can support their favorite team and player, and sports apparel that looks less sporty, like shoes, and items that are more for everyday life.  Sporting good stores can emphasize this strategy for a one-stop shop consumers, where sports enthusiasts can come in and buy sporting goods and fashionable casual wear all at one place.

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