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The home improvement and hardware sector, otherwise known as the DIY (do-it-yourself) sector, includes large areas where consumers can find different kinds of materials and tools for the construction or repair of all kinds of domestic and commercial installations.  DIY stores mainly carry supplies for plumbing, carpentry, painting, gardening, electrical work, and construction.  These stores also carry a wide variety of hand and power tools for purchase or for rent.

In the United States, Lowe's was one of the first large home improvement stores in the market, opening its doors in 1946, in North Carolina.  Since this time, the DIY sector has had huge success with an annual revenue of over $300 billion, from big names such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and True Value.

Hardware & Appliances - A self-made history

Home improvement and hardware stores are very successful and provide a wide range of materials and objects that are needed in everyday life.  The industry started to take off during the post-World War II housing boom.  As soldiers came home the need for more housing became apparent, and builders were happy to provide the service.  When the new houses started being built and as the market for home maintenance and supplies grew, the home improvement industry was born.  This gave consumers the ability to choose exactly what they needed at their leisure, which eventually led to the DIY movement.  The DIY movement was born out of practicality, and has since then proved to be a form of entertainment because consumers can now improve and enjoy where they live, with their own hands.

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