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Clothing and apparel are a very important element of the culture in the United States.  Throughout history, clothing has been both a personal expression of individual identity and a way for people to differentiate themselves within various social classes.  Today the clothing and apparel industry has become a form of artistic and cultural expression. Many people view clothing and apparel as a centerpiece to everyday life, self expression, and personal choice.  To become aware of this fact, one must only look to the plethora of styles and fashions available in any clothing store. There are as many different styles as there are personalities.  In our increasingly globalized world, clothing has diversified greatly, inspired by trends around the world, from different cultures, from traditional to modern. For this reason, the available offers of clothing have diversified enormously, encompassing different styles, prices, and apparel like shoes, belts, underwear or hats.  

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The clothing and apparel industry consists of clothing, handbag, accessories, and footwear designers.  Originally, clothing and apparel companies were wholesale sellers who provided product to retail locations.  The retailers would then mark up the prices and sell the product to consumers to make a profit.  Recently there has been an emergence of wholesale stores from top brand names which makes it harder to define the line between wholesale and retail.  Most of these brand names operate both traditional retail stores as well as wholesale factories or warehouses.  The largest clothing and apparel stores in the United States are the GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, and Guess. Overall, the larger retailers own around 45% of the clothing and apparel market.  

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