6 Reasons You Should Always Turn To Your Pisces Friend For Guidance

Pisces will accept you for you, no matter what.

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Among the more hidden signs in the zodiac, Pisces, like the sign’s reputation, tend to be quiet and rather introverted. But what they lack in extroversion they make up for in listening abilities, advice capabilities, and simply reliability. Needless to say, these friendly fish are always there when you need ‘em.

1. They’re extremely empathetic to your problems.


Whether you need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or simply a hug, a Pisces will selflessly give it. Need to sit down and just talk through your life? A Pisces will lend an ear. This tendency to put other’s emotions above their own, of course, presents internal problems with the Pisces, but it’s just their natural tendency to be there for those they love.

2. And they’re even more compassionate.

A Pisces’ compassion may seem exaggerated or artificial, but, in a world seemingly getting less personable, that compassion is completely genuine. When life gives you lemons, you should stop and chat with a Pisces before making the lemonade.

3. They’ll accept you, for you, no matter what.


Sure, the Pisces may show up to the party with a homeless man who just needed a place to stay. But that just shows they accept literally everyone. If you find yourself in trouble, questioning your decisions, or intentions, a Pisces won’t judge. They’ll hear you out and always assume the best.

4. They’re dreamers, and they’ll dream with you.

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces dream. They live in their dreams. Sure, they seem hard to please with unrealistic goals. But they have high expectations in themselves, their friends, and their lovers. Goals become reality, and they’re happy to live in a daydream with you.

5. Pisces actually want to know about your life.


They might be inherently introverted, but those with the sign are often innately curious about the lives of others and relish in hearing their story–whether the person knows it yet or not. Pisces may seem quiet and shy at first, but, really, they love listening.

6. They’re always willing to share new experiences with you.

Relationship end recently? Do you find yourself in need of an adventure? Pisces are constantly looking for new things and a partner to join for the journey.

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