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Tips for shopping in San Diego

Hugging the Pacific coastline and the U.S. border with Mexico, San Diego is California's second-largest city. This Southern California metropolis is known for its idyllic mild climate and long, pristine beaches. It's also a major hub for the U.S. Navy; San Diego's deep-water port houses the sole shipbuilding yard on the Pacific Coast and boasts the largest naval fleet in the world. Hispanic culture remains an important part of San Diego's cultural landscape, as the city was part of the Spanish Empire and Mexico before it finally joined the U.S. in 1848. It was also the first West Coast settlement visited by Europeans. Here in San Diego, shopping and tanning are done side by side. The sun shines through in the host of open-air malls, and the variety of shopping districts allow you to enjoy your shopping experience al fresco. The Marina District is a great place to enjoy all of this, while also getting a taste of San Diego's beautiful harbor. You can also find great deals at one of a number of outlet centers on the outskirts of the city.