Shopping in Las Vegas
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Tips for shopping in Las Vegas

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is a phrase that fits well with Las Vegas' nickname, “Sin City”. Indeed, it is the gambling capital of the world, with such world-famous casinos as The Sands, The Mirage, and Caesar's Palace. Countless films and popular stories have been set in this surreal and entertainment-oriented mecca, making the city an international icon of U.S. culture and a popular destination for tourists from across the globe. All of these casino-hotels are located on or near The Strip – a single straight street of approximately 4 miles – and all of this urban development exists despite the city being located in the middle of a Mojave Desert basin. Average summer temperatures hang right around 100°F; the highs reach triple digits an average of 133 days per year. All of the glitz and glamor of Vegas of course means that it's also a shopper's dream. If you haven't frittered away your life savings at the roulette table, there are dozens of themed, ornately decorated and upscale malls to discover within the city, including but not limited to the Appian Way Shops (with Romanesque themes and a life-sized replica of Michaelangelo's “David”), Bally's Avenue Shops, Crystals at CityCenter (one of Las Vegas' largest malls), and the Encore Esplanade (with upmarket ambiance and designer flair).