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Tips for shopping in Laredo

Laredo is one of the most populated cities on the US-Mexico border, sitting just across from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. It has one of the oldest border crossings between the two countries, and much of the city's economy is dependent upon international trade with Mexico. Indeed, the city is a popular destination for American and Mexican shoppers alike. Many head to Mall del Norte, the largest mall in South Texas, due to its upmarket anchor stores, while downtown and San Bernardo Avenue have shops and products for every budget. But it doesn't stop there. Laredo also has plenty of outdoor activities and cultural events to keep you occupied. Why not take a fishing trip at Lake Casa Blanca, or visit one of Laredo's three 18-hole golf courses? Or if golf and fishing are not your thing, head to the Republic of the Rio Grande Capitol Building Museum. There you will find various artifacts and memorabilia showcasing the city's rich history.